KlickEx Senior Leadership Team

robert bell, CEO

An internationally award-winning financial innovator; Robert Bell is an experienced business leader with proven expertise in the energy, technology, trade, cyber security, economics, banking and digital financial infrastructure sectors. 

EmmanuEl de ressEgUier, CEO, EURope

Former Head of Government Services, Deutsche Bank. Former CEO, Deutsche Bank France, Former Head of Transaction Banking, Credit Suisse, France. Special Forces Commando and French Aristocrat.

Vijesh Prasaad, Cfo

Chartered Accountant, formerly a country head CFO for the €13b Digicel Group. Strong experience in FX, Mobile Money and Emerging Markets.

mary black, director of treasury

Bond Dealer and Money markets trader. Former Treasurer, NBG (London Office), managed an €80b fund with €5b/daily trades. MBA - London Imperial College. Software Engineer, and Fluent in English and French.

Gretel toleafoa, coo & compliance, pacific markets

Former head of Mobile Money at Digicel. Former Sales Director, KlickEx. KlickEx's longest serving employee.

lena moimoi, head of fx & commercial licensing

Former Country Head of Sales and Marketing, Western Union.

Dennis lee, head of technology

Has spent his career with KlickEx. Systems expert and technical lead.